Dear Supporter Both the 2012 and 2013 rallies have been a fantastic success in bringing together many thousands of independence supporters to demonstrate the strength of the Scottish Independence movement and to hear from some of the best advocates of Scottish independence. But we know the focus this year has got to be on persuading the many undecided voters all over Scotland, crucially in their own communities, and that will call for different types of events.

We are aware that some people would like to see a similar gathering to 2012/13 this summer and we fully understand the benefits that the previous events brought but for the reasons above we would encourage everyone to engage and support events in their own areas and to keep in touch with YES Scotland for a full list of events and other initiatives that they can support and attend.

Thank you all for your support in both 2012 and 2013 and here is to a resounding YES result this September.

Jeff Duncan, Anne McMillan and Allan Hendry March & Rally Organisers


March & Rally for Scottish Independence 2013 - Calton Hill - Edinburgh